Astrapak’s Flexible segment is a manufacturer of plain and printed blown and cast mono and multilayer polyolefin films for bags, sheet, tubing, shrink, stretch and barrier applications. Products also include bags for a variety of applications and modified atmospheric packaging (“MAP”).

About Astraflexible


Astraflexible’s three plants – located in Durban and Cape Town – provide premium packaging products for food applications, household, retail and agriculture. Using extrusion technology, plastic sheeting and a range of bespoke food bags are manufactured. MAP products are also manufactured to give vegetables a longer shelf life; as well as a special multi-layer barrier film, particularly for vacuum-packed meats.



State-of-the-art multilayer barrier film for food grade applications as well as plain and printed film for industrial uses. The barrier film creates a vital barrier to prevent oxygen permeation across the films, particularly for food grade applications. Plain and printed film is produced for application in the dairy, fresh produce and alcobev industries.



Plastic packaging products from the Astraflexible division can be found in the food, dairy, fresh produce and alcobev markets. In addition, Geotex in Randfontein serves the agriculture sector with protective netting, shadecloth and rope products.



With specific technologies applied within each of the three Astraflexible plants, Astrapak’s extended product range include plain and printed film bags for fresh produce; modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) and peelable lidding film for food perishables; exceptional multi-layer barrier film for food grade applications; and shadecloth and rope; and fibres for concrete reinforcement.

Manufacturing sites

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