Astraforming is one of three divisions of Astrapak Limited and is categorised as a Rigids product manufacturer. Astraforming has three plants in South Africa – Thermopac, Plastform and Marcom Plastics.

About Astraforming


Between these three facilities, Astraforming provides the market with a wide range of thermoformed and moulded packaging, improving and enhancing their customer's shelf presence. Astraforming products include thermoformed cups, tubs and trays for dairy and other food applications, together with decorative options. These products have become market leaders in the dairy industry with Astraforming developing bespoke packaging tubs for some of South Africa’s prominent dairy brands and chain stores.




Thermopac and Plastform’s facilities extrude their own sheet requirements. Plastform has a state-of-the-art sheet extruder to produce sheet film that is then thermoformed. There is an extensive range of generic products available to the market, and both operations also offer the opportunity to develop a unique shape offering to its customer base. Marcom serves the dairy market and manufactures thin walled injection-moulded tubs, containers, lids and cups for dairy applications – with in-mould labeling and offset decoration technologies.




Astraforming has a well-established presence in the Dairy, Food and Beverage markets, offering their customers a unique and competitive advantage.




Astraforming’s wide range of products for the Dairy, Food and Beverage markets further include packaging for the following end market applications: bakery, deli and prepared foods applications, as well as a range of trays developed to support MAP applications and shelf life extension, a range of thermoformed pots, food containers, and drinking cups, with the additional option of applying a heat shrink sleeved decoration.


Manufacturing sites

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