Astrapak is an innovative leader in design, development, technology and manufacturing of moulded, formed and flexible packaging. Astramoulding is the biggest of Astrapak’s three divisions and falls within the rigid plastic packaging spectrum.

About Astramoulding


With six plants across South Africa, Astramoulding provides a range of markets with superior quality plastic packaging solutions. From the petrochemical market to the cosmetics, food and personal care markets, Astrapak ensures that their client’s premium product is packaged to the highest quality standards.



A wide range of closures, jars, bottles, tubes, trays, cups, tubs and other plastic containers up to a size of five litres are manufactured through the process of extrusion-blow moulding (EBM), injection-blow moulding (IBM) and injection moulding (IM). Decorative techniques include foiling, pressure sensitive labelling, sleeving and printing.



Astramoulding services the automotive lubricant and industrial chemical, food, personal care, home care and cosmetic markets offering customised product to customer’s specifications.



Astrapak’s versatile range of products include plain and printed jars, closures and tubes for the personal care market, closures, bottles for the homecare market, roll-on balls, deodorant bottles, multi-polymer containers and closures for various applications, containers for lubricant and petrochemical applications, and personal care and pharmaceutical grade components.

Manufacturing sites

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