Innovative food packaging on the move


Life in the fast lane is not different at Astrapak, in fact in many ways it defines how we view our target markets and allows us associate with our customer and users needs better and to innovate and deliver products that fit with todays lifestyle, which is often fast and on the move.

Nutrition keeps us strong and on the move so we like to believe that we have developed a fantastic range of products that presents your snacks and meals in great shape.

Food on the move is becoming more of a way of life for so many people and eating healthy snacks that stay fresh is part of what has driven Astrapak’s technology and innovation to produce cutting-edge designs for the booming food service packaging market.

Astrapak has invested heavily in state-of-the-art robotics, which work in tandem with the injection moulders. This investment has led to using thin-wall injection moulding technology, allowing Astrapak to provide the ever-growing food service packaging market sector with lightweight yet durable food packaging products. This manufacturing process allows for faster cycle times compared to current trends, while remaining cost effective and practical, needless to say the products will no doubt find themselves being blended back into use after being discarded through recycling programmes.

It’s not only Astrapak who believe their products are Astra-amazing but recently the IPSA Judges also decided that Astrapak deserve to be honoured with the new Special Mention Award for their Danone Ultramel Snack cup and a silver medal for their Food Category products.

“When we make a product, we believe in it and breathe life into it so that it becomes something you can live with and trust,” said Astrapak Group Sales and Marketing Executive, Greg Till. “Our focus on ensuring the range of food products we make are safe and hygienically made and delivered for use is what we believe will bring users to select our products as their choice “food-on-the-move” container.”

Astrapak is convinced that consumers choose products that not only taste and look good but that are well packaged and are easy and convenient to handle. “We spend careful time researching what is best for the user and how we can ensure that the product is attractive and well presented,” said Till. “Something that looks good almost always tastes good. So while the design is a great start, the labelling and packaging closure is just as important. We take this so seriously that it has become part of what we do.”

As part of Astrapak’s deal to make food packaging products, they also provide the service of sleeving, decorative printing and in-mould labelling for a vibrant on-shelf presence.

With their vast range of food packaging products, Astrapak is bound to have a solution for your food service packaging needs, and if somehow what you are looking for is not readily available, Astrapak is willing to engage to help you find what you need.

Astrapak makes it easy to be your first choice when looking for a partner in plastic packaging. This is their life and they not only live it fast but also offer assurance and quality coupled with pride and professionalism.