Happy Holidays from Astrapak


December is a wonderful month, especially at Astrapak. It presents us with the opportunity to rest and reflect and in many ways to rejuvenate oneself in preparation for a new year with new challenges and successes.

After a magnificent year at Astrapak where so many changes and opportunities have surrounded us, it is fair to say we have dealt with most, if not all, demonstrating passion and belief with determination and hunger to overcome.

One of the earliest pioneers of global manufacturing said the following:

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
— Henry Ford

We have indeed come together in 2015 and our aim at Astrapak is to ensure we keep together and sustain our business to offer shareholders and stakeholders, not least of all our employees and our team the assurance that if we work together we will succeed.

Very little if anything of what we have achieved during this past year could have been done without the full Astrapak team. Not only is this a fine time to thank each and every person who has contributed to our performance during changing times, but this message is to encourage one and all to see 2016 as a perfect platform to help take Astrapak to a new level by working together and doing things right.

On behalf of the Executive Team we wish all our friends, employees and their families a safe and peaceful holiday. For those celebrating Christmas may this time be one of great blessing.