Astrapak’s SHEQ compliance paramount for food and personal care markets


Shareholder and employee interests in any organisation require protection and an environment within which to prosper and grow. Most importantly in the mix of these protected interests are the assets of the company, none more important than human capital. The people who continue daily to solidify Astrapak’s future are assured of the finest attention to detail when it comes to ensuring their wellbeing and safety.

Commitment to compliance and implementation of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) standards and procedures at Astrapak remains paramount, and is driven from the highest level by the CEO, Robin Moore.

Investing in employee health is conspicuous with the promotion of various on-going programmes and the launch of new initiatives, which focus on the health of all employees, both within and outside of the realms of the company.

Astrapak’s is passionate about the environment with a notable example of this being their commitment to clean and efficient manufacturing. This is demonstrated in every single production facility where the “war on wastage” is taken so seriously that, wherever possible, internal recycling of excess raw materials are channelled back into production or at least repatriated to suppliers who in turn reuse such material. Not satisfied with the current strain on the national electrical power supply grid, the Group have instituted energy saving ideas to curb energy use, making Astrapak as energy efficient as possible.

There is no doubt of Astrapak’s strong leadership buy-in to this vital facet of modern-day business, which resonates in the injury on duty statistics. Added to this is the Group’s adherence to, and achievement of, leading international quality standards assuring customers of the finest of products.

SHEQ is not viewed in Astrapak as merely compliance, but rather overachievement in this critical aspect of today’s business is seen as a “license to operate” and has become a firm part of the strategic foundation and focus. Incentivised targets have been established to demonstrate the importance of compliance within the company; regarded as important as any other aspect of the job.

 “We are happy to announce that from a compliance point of view, we have met and in some instances exceeded our expectations. Now we aim to advance from compliance to excellence; we’re on our way to making a good company great,” said Astrapak Group SHEQ Manager, Ricky Alli.