Astrapak’s injection moulding centre of excellence


In keeping in line with Astrapak’s target market strategy, JJ Precision Plastics continues their focus to be the injection-moulding centre of excellence, specialising in injection moulding and closures for all market segments within FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods).

JJ Precision Plastics is proud of having claimed the overall Gold Pack Awards on two occasions in conjunction with Unilever and Spec Tool and Die. The awards event takes place every two years, and the most recent award in 2013 was for the development of the world’s first multi-functional two-piece injection moulded closure for spice bottles.

Carrying 25 grades of resin on site illustrates the manufacturing complexity that they are capable of and caters to each exact specification of the various closures. An in-house tool room and maintenance facility is what gives JJ Precision Plastics the key competitor advantage. JJ Precision Plastics aim to meet the expectations of being Astrapak’s flagship plant.

Newly appointed General Manager, Deon Thysse, is driving change at JJ Precision Plastics by working through expansion projects to align with the Astrapak Group strategy.

Being in the In-Mould Labelling (IML) industry for almost 20 years makes Thysse a specialist in his field, especially when it comes to hands-on experience and sound technical knowledge in mould-making and maintenance, IML robotics and setting up an maintaining IML machines.

Thysse will run the factory from a technical operations point of view, focusing on Lean principles and WCM (World Class Manufacturing) ideals, in line with group mission statement. By remaining closely involved in operations, Thysse’s ear-to-the-ground will ensure optimum cycle times. As a qualified toolmaker, he has spent a considerable amount of time in the maintenance department setting up machines and along with being involved in major technical projects, he has also seen the latest technology in terms of commissioning the machines.

Thysse’s Lean manufacturing experience will assist in the implementation of full turnkey solutions for class leading projects to ensure that JJ Precision Plastics remains a low cost provider of superior plastic packaging by driving efficiencies up and keeping expenses down.

“In difficult times, we are growing at a very fast pace. By investing in good equipment, we are able to show the marketplace that we are serious about where we are going in a slow market.”

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