Rigid to flexible means every last drop


Astrapak and Dow Chemicals have come together to add more value to customers by introducing an amazing alternative innovative packaging solution, PacXpert, which is set to revolutionise liquid packaging in South Africa.

The PacXpert packaging technology is used to replace existing rigid containers with a flexible container that can be presented on shelf with four side high definition colour graphics, which therefore also increases the advertising space for the product. End users rarely see the product – they simply see the packaging.

PacXpert containers have dual handles for easy decanting of the product content while its flexible nature eliminates the glug effect associated with rigid containers. The wonderful flexible nature, which allows the pack to collapse as it empties, causes excess air to be evacuated from the pack in so doing extending the shelf life by limiting the growth of bacteria.

A challenge experienced with rigid packaging sometimes means that extracting the very last drops is not easily achieved. One of the main benefits PacXpert offers is that the container can be squeezed like a toothpaste tube to ensure the best product yield of any packaging mode. Once empty, it collapses to one tenth the size of a rigid container thus reducing the waste footprint and management requirements of the customer.

Specific features of the range of products means that PacXpert is stackable and can be palletised, either with or without boxes for support and PacXpert has passed European transport requirements for palletised freestanding flexible containers. The benefit is that the range of containers from 1 litre to 20 litres can be filled on a common filling line; either automated or manual filling is possible. For contract and standard filling plants this is a great benefit as you can extract the best efficiency from your filling processes by not having to install separate filling lines for various pack sizes.

The greatest value PacXpert presents is when bulk containers in sizes starting at 5 litres and above are used. For example a 10-litre PacXpert flexible container uses just 30% of the plastic a similar rigid container while a 20-litre flexible container uses just 20% of the plastic of a similar rigid container. PacXpert flexible container pack sizes can be changed to meet customer requirements and to suit specific applications.

Astrapak together with Dow Chemicals are able to assist you in transforming your business through the introduction of this innovative technology.

Be bold, be part of the future.