Astrapak squeezes ahead on tube design


In keeping with the leading design trends set by Astrapak in numerous markets, the company’s tube producer Consupaq is no exception having worked hard to stay at the cutting edge of this competitive packaging segment.

Tubes have become an increasingly important form of packaging for a variety of products serving the personal care and cosmetics markets. Over the last few years, tubes have evolved from being a convenient container, often packed within an outer carton, to what is now easily identified as a product offering high quality and effective branding.

With the recent mix of improvements in decorating technology capability and advancements in raw materials used to manufacture tubes, this product has easily become one of the most popular and recognisable packaging products on the market.

Ten years ago, the development of U.V. screen-printing capability for decorating tubes resulted in a shift in market from traditional offset printing. Although screen-printing offered much bolder and brighter designs to be used on tubes, high-resolution images could not easily be printed with stable reproduction over extended production runs.

The market continued to transform based on customer demands and pressure from higher resolution graphics being reproduced on other forms of packaging like cartons and labels. Before long the need for increased graphics capability was recognised by the manufacturers of tube decorating equipment. In order to deliver on the expectations of customers, Consupaq invested heavily in advancements in machine operating systems and controls as well as new printing technology for tubes. This resulted in an evolution in digital and flexographic printing capability.

Astrapak has recognised the need to stay abreast of these exciting developments and lead the way in providing innovation to the tube market. This is demonstrated by further significant investment by acquiring a new hybrid tube printer capable of combining screen printing with flexographic printing directly on to tubes, enabling Consupaq to offer the market the best of both printing technologies – high definition image printing combined with bold screen printing of text.

Astrapak remain committed to finding innovative design and production solutions that offer its’ customers the opportunity to maximise their impact on consumers through high quality brand display.

This quality remains our first priority along side our pursuit to maintain consistency in production which is demonstrated by Consupaq recently being accredited with ISO 22000 + PAS 223 certification allowing Astrapak to meet the most discerning requirements of the markets which it serves.

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