Astrapak operations reaching for world class manufacturing standards

Astrapak Manufacturing Re-Engineering Executive, Stephan Kappelsberger.

Astrapak Manufacturing Re-Engineering Executive, Stephan Kappelsberger.


The Astrapak Way is lived through all facets of the Group and the standardisation of certain processes continues to be a key focus area for Astrapak. One such critical and fundamental project used to achieve standardisation is the upgrade of re-launch of the Barco system, which will ensure that the operations within each factory are standardised to be optimal.

Currently in the kick-off phase, Astrapak has embarked on a process to get the operations across the whole Group to function at one level of maturity. By driving an Operational Standardisation Plan for Barco within the Group, all the factories will be working within a structured framework towards achieving their individual goals in a uniform way, the Astrapak Way.

“Historically the link between the operations performance (KPIs) and the financial performance indicators wasn’t always clear,” said Stephan Kappelsberger, Astrapak Manufacturing Re-Engineering Executive. “Each factory was interacting differently with regards to certain processes within our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. Now we’re on track to get everybody to relatively the same “world class” level based on one Group standard and platform.”

In doing so, General Managers will be able to more easily measure scrap, efficiencies, uptime and quality performance so as to better understand how they impact the Group financially.

“It’s about standardising certain processes and steps on the shop floor and how we measure and correct these variables to reach our targets and goals,” continued Kappelsberger. “Metrics won’t necessarily be totally standardised across all our factories because they are dependent on each factory’s technology base and focus. But fundamentally, we will be breaking it down to two or three specific processes that each factory will need to implement.”

By enhancing our metric measurement, we will improve our root cause analysis to better understand what drives the variances and put corrective actions in place to fix them - ultimately driving the Group to continuously improve its performance.

The initial phase will see us upgrade our existing Barco Systems with the project targeting three main focus areas - Hardware, Software and People. As part of the launch of the overall program, Kappelsberger and his team will embark on a road show, and will go from plant-to-plant to explain what the ultimate goal of the Operational Standardisation Plan is, how the different processes are going to be structured and how they interact and link with the Group’s overall strategy.

“The key to the success of the Program is going to be the buy-in and support of our General Managers and their teams, our ability to communicate the vision and plan to them and finally our ability to support them and provide the necessary tools and processes,” said Kappelsberger. “From the Barco side, we have already started the roll out and upgrade of the Hardware on the shop floor as well as giving the operations an overview of what we are doing.”

The scope of the Hardware focus area will be to ensure that the Barco infrastructure on the shop floor is installed correctly and in a usable condition for all employees who will be utilising the program. The Barco Hardware itself is important to ensure integrity of all data and information.

The Software focus area will see us upgrading the Barco Software and ensuring that it is functioning correctly to give our factories access to real time performance data to so as to better manage the shop floor.

With regards to the People focus area, we will be training and re-training our staff to ensure that everyone involved knows exactly how to operate and interact with the Barco System so that all data is accurate and the system and processes are fully integrated into the business.

Kappelsberger said: “Successfully implementing the Operational Standardisation Plan within the Group in this financial year will give us a sound foundation to continue our drive towards becoming a world-class manufacturer.”

Astrapak CEO, Robin Moore said: “The introduction of the Barco upgrade is a significant investment and important next step to securing the company’s future through applied processes and disciplines, which is fundamental to our commitment to continue increasing customer and shareholder value through improved operational performance.”