Packaging makes a first and lasting impression on consumers and in the beauty arena, impression is everything. Astrapak designs and manufactures both exclusive and generic bottles for the personal care industry, fashioned in beautiful and iconic shapes that have become well established in the South African beauty market. We offer a wide range of sustainable solutions and select materials based on strength, colour flexibility, brand value, innovative potential and cost effectiveness.


Astrapak’s range of jars provides ample opportunities for brand owners to maximise on-shelf appearance and both tactile and visual interaction with consumers. Clean, defined contours optimise shelf space and allow for secure and effortless stacking. True Seal jars provide superb barrier properties, easy opening and closing, colour consistency between jar and lid, and scratch resistant surfaces that support a plethora of decorative techniques. Crystal cosmetic jars come in a wide range of designs.


Closures and Caps

Astrapak has the capacity to produce a wide variety of closures for the personal care industry. Products range from simple screw-on caps and closures to more complex designs that may be supplied with or without wadding or induction heat seals. The range also includes full opening flip-top caps and lip applicators. Astrapak has also developed some of South Africa’s most popular closures and lids. These include bi-injection moulded designs, as well as innovative delivery systems with tamper evident features and foiling.


Cosmetic tubes meet the needs of personal care brands on many different levels due to their innovative design, decorative potential and delivery capabilities. New developments in multi-layer tube production ensure that tubes deliver advanced gas barrier properties, which retain aroma and prevent product degradation. Astrapak’s award winning designs have led the way in the South African cosmetic market.


Roll-on containers are light, cost effective and durable. Astrapak is able to supply all elements in a roll-on pack including bottle, ball, closure and decoration. Rigid plastic lends itself to ergonomic design and retains its shape throughout the life of the product, ensuring that delivery is consistent and effective. Injection moulding techniques using colour and label variations, allow manufacturers to serve multiple markets while using the same mould.


Astrapak offers a wealth of ultra-modern decorative techniques for personal care packaging and these options can be tailored to suit customer needs.


A popular choice for cosmetic products as it promotes versatility and effective stock management. Various substrates can be used to ensure good adhesion to the pack. Printing can be done flexographically or offset.

In-mould Labelling (IML)

Looking for a perfectly labelled product with high-end graphics, scuff resistance, counterfeit protection and massive shelf shout? IML places the label in the mould at a precise point in the injection cycle.


Astrapak is the only manufacturer in South Africa to offer full length sleeving on bottles, jars and tubes. This award winning technique offers major shelf support to brands and provides critical product distinction.

Offset Printing

A cost effective and flexible design option for presentation of personal care products. Printing can be done in up to eight colours and is available for all designs and sizes.


Silk Screen Printing

This technique provides a three dimensional hi-gloss feel. Textured surfaces and strong colour contrasts make this a popular option for personal care products.

Flexographic Printing

Astrapak has pioneered this award winning technique in South Africa. Graphic reproduction is exceptional and it allows for label-like quality, directly onto a pack.

Hot Foiling/ Embossing

This can be done directly onto a tube or jar and provides an exceptionally sophisticated feel to the decoration. The latest foiling and embossing equipment ensures high volume output.